A Couple Signs Your Vehicle's Exhaust System is Leaking

When the car's exhaust system is operating as it should, dangerous gases are moved through the pipes and out at the tailpipe. Here are a few signs the system is leaking gases into your car's cabin.

One way to tell the exhaust system has a leak, you'll notice the fuel economy is dropping. The reason, a rusted or leaking pipe means the car engine needs to gobble up more fuel to be able to power the vehicle.

Another way to identify a potential problem with the car's exhaust system is to simply feel for it. Once you are seated in the car and it is idling, see if the seat vibrates. Grab hold of the steering wheel and feel for a new vibration. Your foot on the gas pedal might detect a vibration too.

Don't ignore exhaust system issues in your vehicle, drive to Pella Motors today so we can inspect and make repairs if needed.

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